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A Special Needs Plan Inc. is a special needs planning advisory firm founded to serve special needs families, often struggling with the worry that comes with planning for the future care and financial well-being of their loved ones.

Our clients often feel overwhelmed by the complexity of coordinating legal and financial considerations along with communication plans, tax strategies and governmental benefits. We are here to put an end to the  frustration they feel over the lack of professionals with the proper expertise and experience to help.

If you are tired of scouring the internet, asking friends, interviewing professionals, and still coming up empty handed, then relax. You have arrived at the right place. A Special Needs Plan will provide a team of Chartered Special Needs Consultants to guide you through your multi-generational journey.

Your Plan

What is a Special Needs Plan?

It's a Roadmap

Your journey will be focused, multi-generational and ongoing. We are here to help build the plan that’s right for your family. It’s a plan built on truth and authenticity. It’s the loving guidance necessary for you to secure the future of those you love. 

It's a Decision to Take Action

Planning for the future is not easy. It is the ultimate commitment to those you love, therefore it takes time and energy.  It’s a challenge and it’s also a discipline: A challenge to do the hard things others won’t do, and the discipline to stay the course over two lifetimes.

It's Acceptance of Guidance and Support

Our families often come to us overwhelmed – tired of the fruitless search for answers and frustrated with the futility of trying to go it alone.  They are receptive to guidance and eager for support. If this sounds familiar, and you are prepared to move forward on a new path of success, then let’s have a discussion and talk about what happens next.

It's a Place Where You Are No Longer Alone

There’s no reason you have to do this alone. Here you’ll find specialized, expert guidance from a team that is caring, attentive and thoughtful. We are here for one reason – to help you protect the future of your family. We will always have your back.



Special Needs Planning

We are here to serve as your guide and introduce you to our exclusive LIFE Planning Process™ – helping ensure you have the right plan for your family. Our expertise includes financial planning, tax efficiency, government benefits, defining caregiving options, managing special needs trusts, and facilitating communication with extended family and next caregivers.

For our special needs families, we not only plan for the lifetime of an individual with a disability, we help parents plan for retirement, college financing, weddings, home purchases, and adequate insurance coverage. Our special Transition Planning Service offers guidance with key decisions and specific action steps as your child transitions to adult life. It all comes together in an easy to follow action plan that we continue to help manage over the years.

Business Planning

As we began serving special needs families, we soon discovered that many of our families also owned small businesses. We quickly expanded our team and service model to include experts in guiding small business owners and ensuring their business plans aligned appropriately with their personal goals. Most importantly, we help them take the appropriate actions necessary to achieve those goals.

While these actions are specific to each business, many include establishing employee retention plans, setting up retirement plans, and developing business continuation plans to ensure your business continues and prospers, and that your family receives the proper monetary value from your business after you are gone.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

While the majority of families we work with today have a loved one with special needs, that is not the case with all of the families we serve. The knowledge we have gained in the complex world of Special Needs Planning – including estate planning, tax planning, financial planning, government benefit planning, and legal documents – has allowed us to become that much more effective with every family we serve.

Our expertise in Special Needs Planning has also proven a tremendous asset for families caring for aging parents, or when they themselves enter their senior years which requires a combination of asset positioning and protection strategies necessary to navigate the aging process.

Some of the many companies and organizations we have collaborated with over the years.

Some of the many companies and organizations we have collaborated with over the years.

The Stages of Your Multi-generational Journey

The Stages of Your Multi-generational Journey

Whatever your stage of life, we’ve been there. Our years of experience with every facet of your multigenerational journey
means you will have the strategic advantage you have been looking for.
We are here to provide you with the confidence and expertise you need – every step of the way.

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Thanks so much for taking a look at our website and our company.  Just to say thanks for stopping by, we’d like to offer you a free copy of The Family Advocate: A Guidebook to Special Needs Planning. This special booklet is designed to educate families on exactly what they need to do to secure the future of their loved ones. 

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We’d like to offer you a free copy of The Family Advocate: A Guidebook to Special Needs Planning. This special booklet is designed to educate families on exactly what they need to do to secure the future of their loved ones.  We also invite you to take a look at our Resources Section full of helpful videos and articles. And be sure to sign up for our Free monthly Newsletter.



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